Alef to Bring Private CBRS Network to Families of Brooks-Quinn-Jones Elementary School in Nacogdoches, TX Independent School District (NISD)

Alef's Private Mobile Network as a Service (PMNaaS) Platform provides a scalable framework for school districts and communities to close the digital divide and create new learning experiences

New York, NY (August 30, 2023)

Alef, a mobile connectivity SaaS platform company, today announced a collaboration with the Nacogdoches, TX Independent School District to deploy its Private Mobile Networks Platform while providing access to affordable, high-speed internet for NISD families living near Brooks-Quinn-Jones Elementary.

Many school districts aspire to provide adequate off-campus broadband access to their staff and students. According to the White House, more than 30 million Americans live in areas where broadband infrastructure is unable to provide minimally acceptable speeds, and roughly one-third of the nation’s school districts fail even to meet a one Mbps per student standard.

“Too many families in too many communities are falling behind because they lack access to affordable broadband connectivity,” said NISD Superintendent Dr. Gabriel Trujillo. “This is an opportunity to try an alternative method that will positively impact our students.”

For NISD, Alef’s platform eliminates the overwhelming cost and complexities of deploying Private Mobile Networks and enables the school district to scale and manage private wireless networks using their existing network management platform.

“No longer is wireless the exclusive domain of major enterprises or wireless operators. Alef has made prime mobile networks affordable, compact, and much easier to deploy and operate. We are excited to collaborate with Nacogdoches ISD in deploying our platform in support of their efforts to address the needs of families living around Brooks-Quinn-Jones Elementary and across the district in the near future,” said Mike Mulica, Alef’s Chief Executive Officer.

There is a great need to provide safe, secure, and reliable private wireless service for students and communities in underserved markets. Alef is a trusted private mobile network partner to educational institutions and is planning and designing several private mobile networks for school districts across the country.

About Alef
Alef is the ONLY mobile connectivity SaaS platform company that gives enterprises and developers the independence to create, customize, and control their own private network infrastructure. Featuring simple and enterprise-centric secure integration, fast deployment, and unparalleled performance and economics, its solution removes long deployment times and the complexity of working with mobile network operators and, as such, revolutionizes the way school districts and other education institutions unlock mobility and productivity (from closing the digital divide to delivering new learning experiences).

About NISD
Established in 1903, Nacogdoches ISD offers pre-kindergarten through 12th-grade education to nearly 6,500 students on ten campuses. The district emphasizes the importance of every child reaching their fullest potential. Their mission at Nacogdoches ISD is to educate and inspire everyone to achieve excellence.

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