Exploring Alef API Services and the GSMA Open Gateway Initiative

Alef's API services offer a more powerful and versatile solution for enterprises compared to the GSMA Open Gateway initiative designed for public mobile networks.


As we delve into the world of API services within Alef, we have taken note of the GSMA Open Gateway API initiative, supported by the CAMARA project, and have made an initial comparison with our APIs.

What is GSMA Open Gateway

GSMA Open Gateway is a framework consisting of mobile network APIs launched during MWC 2023. It is supported by the CAMARA project, which currently encompasses APIs for 23 feature sets, primarily tailored for specific, straightforward use cases.


Upon comparison, we have identified several common goals shared between the GSMA Open Gateway and Alef’s API services. These include:

  • Minimizing implementation effort through easy-to-consume APIs
  • Harmonization through the provision of working code and documents.
  • Enabling the simple service provisioning
  • Supporting the design phase and experimentation

Additionally, both frameworks feature overlapping scopes, addressing functionalities such as QoS parameters, device status, and subscriber IMSI and IMEI information.


In addition to these similarities, notable differences emerge between the GSMA Open Gateway and Alef’s API services:

  • Enterprise focus: Alef’s APIs are specifically designed and implemented to create mobile services on existing enterprise networks. While the GSMA OpenGateway focuses primarily on providing access to existing mobile services on public mobile networks., Alef’s APIs cater to enterprise integration with options for both on-premises and cloud deployment.
  • Architecture: GSMA Open Gateway employs a general 3GPP architecture typical of mobile service providers, which is inadequate for enterprise network requirements. Alef created an enterprise mobile architecture that keeps the 3GPP RAN, but connects it to existing enterprise IAM systems.
  • API format: The GSMA Open Gateway supports OpenAPI, popular for cloud applications, it lacks support for YANG, suitable for network automation. In contrast, Alef supports both YANG and OpenAPI, providing easy integration with multiple network management systems.

In conclusion, while the GSMA Open Gateway initiative presents a valuable framework for public mobile network APIs, Alef’s API services offer tailored solutions designed specifically for enterprise networks, providing enhanced support, scalability, and automation capabilities. As we continue to explore and innovate in the realm of API services, we remain committed to delivering cutting-edge solutions that meet the evolving needs of our enterprise clients.


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