Build a Reliable Mobile Network

Integrating into your enterprise using programmable APIs is as simple as deploying Wi-Fi and we are complementary to Wi-Fi for your mission critical applications.

Choose your mission critical apps to run on your private mobile network

Our flexible and scalable APIs have abstracted the complexities of network management giving enterprises the freedom to easily create, customize, and control their reliable and deterministic mobile connectivity for Industry 4.0 applications.


Reduce your CAPEX and OPEX by deploying Private Mobile Network as a Service at the edge to create a robust enterprise network that is easy to launch and simple to operate without on-site mobile network installation.


Driving innovation by making Private Mobile Network as a Service easier

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Build your own private mobile LTE network using simple API calls to enable connectivity. Quickly onboard devices and IoT sensors inside the firewall.

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Mediate Cloud Providers connectivity from the edge and manage data traffic for control and cost savings through enterprise business logic and technical requirements.

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Use APIs to direct egress and ingress controllers to orchestrate business flows across multi-location microservices deployment and leverage data from AI/ML/IoT mobile applications.

Stop deploying and managing your mobile network’s full core system.

We abstract the mobile network core functions into APIs and make them available at the edge – reducing the effort needed for deployment. This is done by offering APIs for setup, configuration, and user equipment management and traffic control.

WIN with the pioneers in enterprise mobile connectivity

The benefits of moving your network to the edge with Alef
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Deploy in weeks, scale in minutes

Our unique approach and

the power of ANY

Plug and play with any vendor you choose. You are the expert – take our programmable APIs and build a mobile application ecosystem specific to your company – on your terms.


Implement any access point that meets your requirements with our API-first approach


Connect to 5G/4G/3G or augment your Wi-Fi to solve mobility and interference issues


Bring your own EPC, or partner with ours – we are agnostic – giving you the freedom to choose your own vendor


Mediate traffic across any of your chosen cloud providers based on your business and technical requirements

Start your digital transformation journey and join the edge economy with Alef

8 Benefits to Launch a Private Mobile Network Inside Your Enterprise