The 5G edge ecosystem can be complicated. Take a look at our latest whitepapers, research, and collateral to learn about edge computing and the relevant use cases.

Accelerating Smart Amenities Opportunities for MDUs with Private Mobile Networks

Understand how you can turn your MDU into a Smart MDU with Alef's disruptive private mobile network approach....

Edge Glossary

There are tons acronyms and terms out there, it's hard to keep up, so we made a glossary. We will be keeping this as up to date and will be adding terms every week. Take a look!


Have questions? Check this out and find the answers to many of the common ones we receive.

Use Cases

Alef can be an asset in many different industries. Download our use case 2 pagers to learn more.

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Accelerating K-12 Digital Growth with Private Mobile Networks

Understand how your school can provide access to digital learning with Alef's disruptive private mobile network approach....

Accelerating Private Mobile Network Adoption with Alef’s Disruptive Approach

Understand how you can accelerate private mobile network adoption with Alef's disruptive approach....

Podcast: Elevate the Edge – Simplifying Private 5G and Edge API Platforms

Alef COO, Jeff Tennery, explains why all an enterprise needs to build a private mobile network is via APIs!...

Edge Points for CBRS

Changing the way we live, work, and play through Alef’s Private Edge Platform...

The Next Technological Revolution

The Decentralization of the Internet, the Rise of Private Edge Networks, and the Programmable Future...