Enabling Safety and Security using Alef Private Mobile Networks Platforms

See the benefits of using private mobile networks to enhance safety and security for businesses and schools.

Fifty-eight percent of people in the United States worry about their safety every day. Digital security is the third highest concern for people, after violent and property crimes. In addition, school safety is of high importance to a significant percentage of parents (66%) and teachers (72%), driving school districts to investigate methods to increase protection in buildings and on the grounds.

To combat security concerns, businesses and schools are using private mobile networks (PMNs) to enhance the safety of employees, students, and staff. Private mobile networks unlock a realm of transformative security applications, with video analytics leading the charge. Video analytics revolutionizes safety and intelligence gathering across various industries by leveraging advanced object recognition, real-time monitoring, predictive analytics, and anomaly detection. From smart cities to industrial automation to K-12 schools, organizations leverage video analytics to enhance the safety of their populations, make data-driven decisions, boost efficiency, and proactively mitigate potential risks.

Private mobile networks are also emerging as a preferred solution for organizations seeking robust data security and innovative applications. Private networks offer enhanced data protection through network isolation, robust security protocols, and access restriction, enabling businesses to fortify their data security amid the ever-growing cyber threat landscape.

Private mobile networks offer enhanced security over Wi-Fi with improved data encryption, authentication, and access control. PMNs provide guaranteed Quality of Service and low-latency communications that contribute to increased security, making them suitable for industrial automation and emergency services where reliability and real-time responses are critical.

Enhancing Safety Using Video Analytics

Video analytics is the automated process of extracting meaningful information from video footage using technologies such as AI and computer vision. In recent years, video analytics has undergone a major transformation, propelled by significant advances in technology. Once limited by costly cameras and the necessity for wiring, the ability to capture and analyze video has blossomed with 4G/5G networks and affordable but high-quality wireless cameras. The market for video analytics is forecast to grow at a CAGR of nearly 24% from 2023-2030.

Wireless HD video on a private mobile network offers substantial benefits in bolstering a business’s security with cost-effective and scalable security solutions. By eliminating the need for extensive wiring, this setup proves particularly advantageous for monitoring large areas, requiring far fewer access points than Wi-Fi for sites such as warehouses or university campuses. Strategically positioned cameras across critical locations enable swift response to potential threats while reducing installation costs and providing the flexibility to optimize coverage without compromising safety. This wireless setup lowers installation costs and allows for flexibility in camera placement, ensuring optimal safety.

For any business, integrating AI-enabled video analytics within the wireless video system elevates security to new heights, with companies realizing they can swiftly identify unauthorized personnel and detect potential risks using advanced features like facial recognition. Perimeter detection ensures effective monitoring of restricted areas, promptly triggering alerts in case of breaches. Moreover, the ability to see objects left unattended helps prevent security incidents such as unclaimed baggage or other items.

Private mobile networks provide a secure and controlled environment for processing and transmitting video data, ensuring that sensitive information remains within the organization’s boundaries while adding value by enabling businesses to implement advanced video analytics algorithms for real-time threat detection, enhanced safety coverage, and proactive security management.

Strengthening Data Security

Digital security is the practice of protecting digital information, networks, and devices from unauthorized access and cyber threats. 4G/5G Private mobile networks offer several distinct advantages for data security, making them an attractive option for organizations seeking to protect their sensitive information. Firstly, the on-premises data storage characteristic ensures a higher level of protection, as critical data is kept within the physical confines of the organization, mitigating the risk of unauthorized access and external breaches. This setup allows organizations to implement tailored and robust security measures that align precisely with their specific needs.

Secondly, private mobile networks inherently integrate security features developed by 3GPP for LTE and 5G networks. These built-in security protocols ensure the utmost confidentiality, integrity, and authenticity of data transmitted across the network. Adhering to industry standards, private networks benefit from strong encryption, authentication, and secure communication channels, fostering a fortified environment for data exchange and significantly reducing vulnerability to interception or cyberattacks.

Finally, private mobile networks offer greater visibility and control over network traffic, allowing organizations to monitor data flow, identify anomalies, and respond quickly to potential security breaches. Additionally, access management becomes more controllable as private networks facilitate rigorous user and device validation. This ensures that only authorized personnel and trusted devices can access the necessary network resources, effectively minimizing the risk of unauthorized users compromising sensitive data and further enhancing data security. This level of security and control is essential for safeguarding sensitive information, valuable assets, and personnel, making the private network an indispensable investment in modern security infrastructure.

Alef Enhances Your Security and Safety Capabilities

Alef brings a host of invaluable benefits to businesses for enhancing security with private mobile network platforms:

  • Alef’s IT-first mindset ensures that its solutions are purpose-built for enterprises rather than being retrofitted carrier products. This approach delivers cohesive, secure, and reliable private 4G/5G solutions tailored to meet the unique security needs of businesses.
  • Alef’s private mobile networks seamlessly integrate into existing Enterprise IT and security systems, ensuring consistent device authentication, adherence to security policies, and providing a unified security framework across the network. By eliminating the need to maintain two separate systems for identity management, Alef simplifies security policy maintenance across the entire network, allowing uninterrupted mobility for devices moving between Wi-Fi and cellular networks without compromising security.
  • Alef’s APIs empower companies to manage their business workflows securely on near-premises edges within enterprise IT applications. This level of control allows businesses to implement stringent security measures while optimizing their operations.
  • Alef’s Edge Platform extends existing security policies and rules provisioning, providing carrier-class security. By keeping data within existing firewalls, businesses can effectively maintain control over sensitive information and protect against external threats.

With Alef’s private mobile network solutions, enterprises can use AI-based analytics to monitor their HD video cameras and quickly determine and send alerts when needed.


Private mobile networks offer many benefits to enterprises and organizations installing them. They are easy to deploy, particularly for extensive facilities. They provide improved network reliability, greater control and customization, the capability to handle massive IoT, and the ability to deploy innovative applications. However, their exceptional contributions to security and safety should not be overlooked. PMNs stand out in maintaining a secure network environment and as catalysts for advanced analytics, empowering businesses to bolster productivity and safety with confidence.


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