AlefEdge Partners with NetFoundry to Create a New Highly Secure Edge Optimization Overlay Network

Zero Trust Networking that includes Edge WAN Optimization enables secure, 5G Edge Enterprise applications anytime, anywhere – on the go!

AlefEdge, the Edge Internet leader, today announced its new partnership with NetFoundry to deliver ultra-secure networking and performance optimized routing at the application Edge.  This collaboration, which brings together mobile networking, Edge computing and a rich set of application enablers empowers developers to create and deliver secure applications for enterprises rapidly.  By integrating NetFoundry’s architecture into AlefEdge’s Software-Defined Mobile Edge (SD-ME) platform, AlefEdge offers enterprises an innovative way to develop secure 5G Edge applications today.

“More and more enterprises are implementing remote work policies and are launching new applications that take advantage of the Edge. Dangerous security threats have driven the need for Edge-first secure routing approaches,” says AlefEdge CEO and Founder Ganesh Sundaram. “Security is an integral part of our SD-ME solution. NetFoundry’s Zero Trust solution layer enables us to ensure the safety of data, reduction of data leakage and protection from ongoing threats especially in the routing layer.”

With NetFoundry’s Zero Trust Network-as-a-Service (NaaS) platform integrated with Alef’s SD-ME platform, businesses get an easy-to-deploy, turnkey service which optimizes application security and performance at the Edge. Because NetFoundry’s NaaS is delivered entirely as cloud orchestrated software and has no telecom carrier dependencies, businesses realize significant cost savings and project acceleration. By further incorporating SD-ME platform APIs, the combined solution extends Alef’s API toolbox to enterprises and makes it possible for them to deploy secure and programmable private mobile networks and connect to the Edge instantaneously.

“Advances in Edge and 5G opens up opportunities for developers and enterprises, enabling them to programmatically control zero trust, low latency networking. That eliminates barriers such as VPNs, private APNs and MPLS, enabling these developers and enterprises to deliver innovative Edge applications,” stated NetFoundry CEO Galeal Zino. “The Alef SD-ME user-friendly platform approach made it simple and powerful for NetFoundry to partner with AlefEdge to bring the next generation of Edge innovation to the market.”

AlefEdge brings an SD-ME platform that enables 5G Edge Edge services today. By enabling a rich set of Edge APIs, enterprises can catalyze their digital transformation initiatives. With NetFoundry, enterprises can start their Edge services and experience the benefits in minutes. This collaboration further adds to a strong portfolio of ecosystem partnerships that enable AlefEdge to build complete Edge solutions that can be scaled across thousands of networks.

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About NetFoundry

NetFoundry provides the leading platform and NaaS to connect distributed applications with zero trust security and high performance. This enables: (1) Solutions and applications, ranging from edge to cloud, to easily embed zero trust networking inside the solution; (2) Businesses to use the NaaS and global NetFoundry Fabric to spin up private, high performance networks via zero trust instead of via dedicated circuits and CPE; (3) Developers to embed secure, programmable, private, application-specific networking into their apps, using the open source Ziti software which NetFoundry built and is the leading contributor to. NetFoundry is a Charlotte, NC headquartered company with locations across the world.


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