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The Only Live Edge Internet Deployment

We are an Open5G Edge Internet Service Provider. Our software bridges the gap between the network and application communities to unleash the full potential of 5G today!

Leading The Edge Industry

The AlefEdge software sits at the intersection of the Three Pillars of the Open5G Edge Internet:

Edge Gateway: Alef has built and deployed the ONLY LIVE edge computing platform that enables edge clouds.

Edge Cloud: The Edge Cloud enables compute, storage and API’s to be made available for locations, locally, at the Edge for applications.

Edge Apps: We are enabling new and existing applications with unprecedented performance because of the Edge!

Pillars of The Edge Internet


At Alef, we are building an Open Edge Ecosystem that allows Businesses, Developers and Networks to work together in a friction-free way that unleashes the next wave of digital transformation. 

The Edge Internet

We take pride in building The Edge Internet – but we are not alone. Together, as an ecosystem, we can build the next generation of the Internet where applications and networks live harmoniously!

Edge Gateway​

A mobile edge computing platform offering edge connectivity, ultra-low latency and proximate computing power – bringing applications and computing power that is in the cloud or on premise – to the edge.

Edge Cloud

Alef’s Edge Cloud creates a distributed cloud environment with new Edge and Mobility API’s, allowing developers to create the next generation of applications. 

Edge Apps

We are building and enabling the next generation of data intensive and latency sensitive applications, allowing for more immersive and personalized experiences. 

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