Private Mobile Networking made SIMPLE

Finally, an enterprise-ready private mobile platform

Private Mobile Networks (PMN) are revolutionizing how we learn, live and work. Alef is pushing the boundaries of what’s possible by making PMN deployment and management for carriers and enterprises simple and fast.

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Device agnostic

Enterprise-Ready Integration

Manage private mobile access like WiFi, using the same IPAM and IAM – the Alef private mobile solution plugs into your existing infrastructure.


Advanced Orchestration & Automation

Rapidly deploy and manage PMN across multiple locations from one place - flex to your business needs as they happen.

Private Mobile Network

High Capacity Forwarding

Always get the capacity and performance you need with our powerful UPF forwarding engine.

Industry-First Plug & Play Private Mobile Platform for the Enterprise

Why Alef?

Works with existing enterprise Infrastructure – any network, any IAM*, any mobile AP.

Cloud Programmability, Automation and Orchestration delivers rapid scalability and AI readiness.

Always get the capacity you need with Our High Performance UPF.

Choose off-prem to maximize cost efficiency, or on-prem for enhanced security and site survivability.

Easily create, customize, and control mobile and Industry 4.0 applications at the edge, completely abstracted from hardware.

Scale to control potentially thousands of networks from one place.


See how your enterprise can benefit

Why Private Mobile Networking?

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Maintain Seamless Connectivity

Mobile technology provides the constant and predictable connectivity over large areas needed by many modern use cases such as robotics and real-time AI analytics.

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Enhanced Security, Privacy and Trust

Get the benefit of Private Mobile’s advanced encryption and data integrity algorithms.

Dedicated Private Local Spectrum

Your own dedicated local spectrum gives you rock-solid, interference-free mobile connectivity.

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We enable your applications using a robust private LTE network that is simple to operate with an integrated workflow 

Implement the factory of the future with a licensed and managed spectrum that fits into existing infrastructure.
Private mobile provides inexpensive facility-wide communications that improves coverage and guarantees response times.
Extend access in hard-to-reach locations on your campus, while further ensuring the safety of students and personnel.
Provide ultra reliable coverage across your facilities, giving your critical applications access to higher performance compute while ensuring compliance and security.
Accelerate provisioning of Smart Amenities to enhance living environments of Multi Dwelling Units (MDUs).
Create an ultra-efficient modern construction worksite via the enhanced reliability of Private Mobile networking, that will improve productivity & safety, and open up new possibilities around automation.
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The PMN Opportunity


Spending in private mobile networks by 2027*

1 in 5

Business leaders seeking delivery partners for IoT / edge services**

Weeks to Minutes

Deploy in weeks, scale in minutes to connect you to the edge via Alef

**Channel Futures and Informa Engage Survey, Aug 2021

5 Reasons Your Enterprise Needs
a Private Mobile Network