Private Mobile Network as a Service Your Way

Alef’s Enterprise Mobile Connectivity API Platform solves the most pressing enterprise business challenges by reducing both the cost and time it takes to deploy a mobile network with carrier-class security and control to prepare for next generation edge applications.

Enterprise mobile connectivity is foundational to edge compute

The expansion of mobile devices and IoT sensors makes near-field compute essential in today’s enterprise infrastructure. Certain application workloads that require fast and reliable low-latency responses can be implemented in minutes with the Alef Edge Platform, affordable, quickly and simply.

Higher Education

Extend access to critical network connectivity in those hard-to-reach locations on your campus, while further ensuring the safety of students and security personnel.

  • Implement security cameras and measures campus wide with carrier-class wireless technologies
  • Ensure persistent wireless coverage, even in hard-to-reach areas
  • Leverage mobile devices as security extensions to existing systems
  • Enable new localized and experimental applications faster and more cost effectively
You are the expert – take our programmable APIs and build the edge ecosystem specific to your company - on your terms

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