New Synergy for Governments: Alef Partners with Discountcell to Accelerate Private 4G/5G

Covered By: New Synergy for Governments: Alef Partners with Discountcell to Accelerate Private 4G/5G

Data and communications are the driving forces in modern government, but conventional public cellular and Wi-Fi networks often fall short in meeting the stringent security, reliability, and flexibility needs of federal, state, and local agencies. To overcome these limitations, many government entities are turning to private 4G/5G networks, which not only protect sensitive data but also enhance operational efficiency and ensure seamless connectivity for effective citizen service. However, the challenges of complexity and cost in adopting these networks are substantial. To streamline the acquisition process, government resellers, working in conjunction with organizations like NASPO (National Association of State Procurement Officials), are playing a pivotal role. One such reseller, Discountcell, has partnered with Alef, a mobile connectivity Software-as-a-Service platform company, to make private 4G/5G network adoption simpler and more cost-effective for government agencies, offering a cloud-based mobile core solution that integrates seamlessly with existing infrastructure. This collaborative effort is already yielding positive outcomes, with government agencies utilizing private networks for various purposes, such as enhancing security during large events and improving digital literacy among students and citizens. Such partnerships hold the promise of accelerating the adoption of private mobile networks across public offices, ultimately providing enhanced connectivity, security, and operational efficiency for essential government functions.

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