The Ease of Planning, Deploying, and Managing a Private Mobile Network with Alef

With Alef’s support, Enterprises can overcome the challenges, unlock the benefits of a private mobile network, and enhance connectivity and productivity levels.

With over 1,000 private mobile networks now deployed worldwide per the GSA, the advantages of private mobile networks are increasingly becoming recognized by enterprises in solving their most critical, high security, and value use cases. As part of the market evolution and growth, it has become clear that processes and tasks associated with the successful implementation of private mobile networks and the ongoing responsibilities that follow deployment need careful upfront consideration. At this crucial juncture, ALEF emerges as a trusted partner, offering a comprehensive range of tools and unmatched expertise to guide system integrators and businesses throughout the planning, installation, and management of their new private mobile networks.

Alef’s EdgeEmulator is a Key to Strategic Planning for a Successful Private Network Deployment

Some initial factors for a business to consider when adding a private mobile network to its premises are the applications that will use the network and the availability of spectrum. Once those are decided, an upfront analysis of the expected data traffic can be performed, allowing the network designer to determine, for example, the number of access points needed in the facility, security requirements, etc. This information will factor into the business case, determining whether the payback is sufficient for the project to progress.

To instill confidence in system integrators, network designers, and enterprises regarding the planned network’s coverage and capacity to handle the expected data traffic, ALEF offers EdgeEmulator, a network simulator. This powerful tool allows users to create a complete network topology and simulate traffic, mimicking real-world scenarios. Planners can specify the number of operating groups, the number of users and devices in each group, and the expected traffic volume. The ALEF network simulator enables the setup and simulation of a complete network topology, providing valuable insights during the planning stage without physically deploying a private mobile network.

Achieving Harmony and Integrating Private Networks with Existing IT Frameworks with Alef’s EdgePoint Enterprise Mobile Gateway (EMG)

One of the primary concerns for IT departments when implementing a private mobile network is the management of new users and devices. Most companies already have an established Wi-Fi network with a well-defined process for granting and revoking user/device permissions. However, incorporating a new mobile network that involves overlapping users and devices, which may only exist on one of the networks, can lead to significant challenges for IT teams if they are required to maintain parallel Identity and Access Management (IAM) systems. The challenge is for the private mobile network to be viewed as just another local access technology. As Wi-Fi networks use IEEE 802.1x-based Network Access Control methods and LTE/5G networks use a 3GPP-based verification methodology, the task is to merge the authentication processes.

To address this issue, ALEF offers a cloud-based enterprise mobile gateway that enables enterprises to consolidate their Wi-Fi and cellular IAM systems. This integration simplifies the ongoing management of both networks, eliminating the need for IT teams to handle separate systems. By streamlining the IAM process, ALEF facilitates a more efficient and cohesive management approach, easing the burden on IT departments, reducing costs, and ensuring seamless user and device administration across the combined Wi-Fi and cellular networks. For businesses without an existing, mature IAM system, ALEF’s cloud-based mobile core provides a complete IAM solution.

Streamlining Ongoing Management and Scaling of Private Mobile Networks with Alef APIs

Even after the successful deployment of a new private mobile network, ongoing management and operations remain essential. ALEF offers a robust suite of industry-leading APIs that dramatically simplify these processes.

The APIs provided by ALEF offer a simple way to oversee the network and automate large-scale mobile tasks. These APIs allow administrators to manage diverse private mobile network activities efficiently, promoting seamless operations and minimizing manual labor. Customers can use private mobile network capabilities without worrying about external hardware and software maintenance and effortlessly employ the platform’s APIs to perform all essential functions for establishing and overseeing a private mobile network. These fundamental tasks encompass site creation and modification, establishing and modifying connections between a specific site and the core, accessing usage and performance reports, and additional capabilities. APIs enable effortlessly integrating new features into an existing configuration and management console.


Alef offers a comprehensive solution for businesses installing and managing a private mobile network. Starting with Alef’s EdgeEmulator during the planning and design stage, through seamless integration with Enterprise IT existing infrastructure using Alef’s EdgePoint Enterprise Mobile Gateway (EMG) to ongoing networks operations via Alef APIs, Alef provides tools and expertise necessary for Systems Integrators to quickly and cost-effectively deploy and scale private mobile networks for Enterprises. With Alef’s support, Enterprises can overcome the challenges, unlock the benefits of a private mobile network, and enhance connectivity and productivity levels.


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