Alef Announces Mobile Enterprise Network in 60 Minutes Without 5G

Featured In: ComputerWeekly‍. Mobile network-as-a-service provider claims a new category in wireless networking, allowing enterprises to create a private mobile network inside a firewall within an hour without 5G or knowledge of 3GPP standards.

Alef is offering to give businesses the independence to create, customise and control their own private network infrastructure in less than 60 minutes.

The edge application programming interface (API) platform provider believes its flagship mobile network-as-a-service (MNaaS) product removes long deployment times and the complexity of working with mobile network operators, simplifying edge computing through open APIs that unleash the massive power of the edge internet economy.

Its new Mobile Toolkit, described as the first of its kind, is said to enable private network deployment in less than an hour through a few API calls, removing network complexity of working with traditional carriers, and without 5G or knowledge of 3GPP standards. The toolkit is also attributed with allowing enterprises to connect directly to the network edge more quickly and efficiently, eliminating the capex investment of costly on-premise hardware and maintenance.

Through its open Edge API Platform, Alef sees the MNaaS offer as creating a new category in mobile, allowing enterprises to create a private mobile network inside the firewall as part of its enterprise network. This, said the company, fundamentally “changes the game”, reducing deployment from months to minutes, all while allowing enterprises to cut through complexities and reduce reliance on legacy carriers.

“To date, the adoption of enterprise mobile networks has been an abject failure on every front,” said Mike Mulica, chief executive officer at Alef. “Enterprises need mobile networks, but the market and technology model created simply will not work. Alef has eliminated all the historical obstacles to enterprise mobility adoption within the enterprise network.

“Our Mobile Toolkit gives the power back to the enterprise, allowing it to deploy private mobile networks in environments where mobility is an issue. This gives the enterprise complete confidence that it will reside inside its network and completely under its control.”

The Alef Mobile Toolkit includes an Alef Access Point, eSIMs, devices and a walkthrough starter guide. Once the kit is activated, users can seamlessly connect to Alef’s APIs, which provide enterprises with the reach and IT/OT mobility needed to navigate the complexities of next-generation connected enterprises.

As part of its partnership with Alef, Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) is introducing the Mobile Toolkit to its enterprise clients, as the value of private mobile networks continues to be realised. It noted that the solution addresses the ongoing digitisation concerns that enterprises are raising across verticals.

“Simplifying the process of deploying mobile networks inside the enterprise security perimeter will make it faster and easier for companies to integrate new technologies and applications,” said Tarit Dey, head of research and innovation at TCS. “We look forward to building an edge computing environment with this exciting solution at TCS Pace Port New York, TCS’s innovation lab at Cornell Tech.”

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