Alef Acquires Mobile Developer Platform to Bring Edge Compute to Enterprises

The acquisition will enable Alef to begin building the first ever edge developer community

Alef, the leading edge connectivity platform, today announced its acquisition of CareerGig, the online marketplace for freelancers and IT professionals. The acquisition will allow Alef to fast track the adoption of the edge by arming mobile developers with its enterprise grade suite of APIs to build custom private 5G mobile networks and applications.

CareerGig, a software-as-a-service (SaaS) company, has empowered thousands of mobile developers to build their own portfolios to match with businesses who are seeking world class engineering talent. In 2021, CareerGig acquired Moonlighting, a mobile platform that matches freelance and contract workers to relevant employers – through the utilization of artificial intelligence and machine learning.

The combination of CareerGig and Moonlighting rivaled freelance platforms Fiverr and Upwork and grew to nearly one million freelancers throughout the United States. By tapping into the collective power of this dynamic community, Alef will continue to provide best in class developer tools for creating edge applications that allow enterprises to build and deploy their own networks seamlessly and under 60 minutes. The acquisition comes during an explosive growth period for the industry, with the global mobile application market expected to surpass $407 billion by 2026.

“By bringing this technology under the hood of Alef’s offerings we are accelerating the art of the possibility with our API first approach so developers can collaborate, educate, and build apps that live at the edge,” said Mike Mulica, CEO of Alef. “This will be the first ever edge developer community to empower developers to create the apps and services needed to build critical mass and adoption of the edge. Our developer first approach will provide innovators with the tools needed to build applications designed to enhance private mobile networks and the many use cases to operate at the edge.”

The edge is the newest frontier in computing, and with this acquisition Alef will create a robust community that empowers developers to learn and build their skills and take full advantage of the edge economy. The new Alef developer community will be launched in the first quarter of 2022.

“Our platform has thousands of enterprise programmers and developers that are naturally gravitating to 5G edge compute technology,” shared CareerGig/Moonlighting CEO Rachael Mahoney. “We’re excited to see Alef unleash these pioneers to build the next wave of private networks and 5G mobile applications that will help enterprises break free from AT&T, Verizon, and T-Mobile.”


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