Say Hello to the New Alef

Transformation is a big, buzzy word. In the world of 5G edge, the word transformation carries a lot of weight.

Transformation is a big, buzzy word. 

In the world of 5G edge, the word transformation carries a lot of weight — it’s something tangible, with real impact.

At Alef, we are building the tools and solutions that are driving these transformations. As we witness the effects of edge technology and innovations in real time, we realize there is a transformation for Alef to undergo as well. One that would reflect our progress as a global edge connectivity platform and better tell the story of how Alef pioneered edge computing. And unlike some of the legacy providers touting 5G but have little to offer, we’re committed to boldly step into the future of edge technology and everything it has to offer. 

Today, we are excited to reveal that transformation and share our updated brand identity and positioning.

Say hello to the new Alef.

Our new logo helps represent what is core to Alef: connection. We want to redefine what it means to be connected. Imagine the possibilities of connecting one to many to millions!

Nodes and circular forms help represent ways to connect. They can tell a story, paint a picture, or bridge objects and people. And that form purposely sits right at the center of our new logo.

Our new logo expresses who we are as a company: bold, inspiring, leaning into the future. 

And it doesn’t stop at our logo, as we are proud to unveil our new website. We invite you to explore our new home and learn more about who we are, what we care about, and how we are changing the game of speed and connectivity for enterprises, developers, and communities.

When we connect with a purpose we can build the foundations to live better, work bolder, and play the way we want.

But we can’t get there alone. Join us, as this movement is bigger than one person, one company, and one industry. Come connect with us.


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