What is CBRS?

CBRS, an acronym for Citizens Broadband Radio Service, is a band of frequencies between 3550 MHz and 3700 MHz that the US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has recently opened up to general users.

CBRS is an acronym for Citizens Broadband Radio Service. CBRS is a band of frequencies between 3550 MHz and 3700 MHz that the US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has recently opened up to general users.

Access to CBRS is available through a tiered system, prioritizing “incumbent” and “priority” users but open to the public through the General Authorized Access tier. Incumbent users include the US Navy and satellite systems. Priority users obtained priority access licenses through an auction in 2020. General users must not interfere with incumbent or priority tier users, but even with that caveat, CBRS is remarkably open. The general availability of these broadband frequencies is a major step towards making 5G technology accessible to a wide audience and decoupling 5G access from major cellular network providers. There are similar such “private” licensed Long-term Evolution (LTE) frequencies available for use in France, UK, Germany, the Netherlands, Japan, Hong Kong and Australia for the creation of private networks.

The open nature of CBRS will usher in a new generation of private 5G Enterprise networks across industries like manufacturing, healthcare, finance, and more. At Alef, we believe that private 5G networks will become as common-place in business as enterprise wifi is today. With CBRS, 5G, and connectivity APIs from Alef, setting up a private network that is 5G Edge enabled is faster, cheaper, better and more secure.

Are you interested in being an early adopter of 5G private networks? Alef has recently released an easy to deploy Enterprise CBRS Private Network product called Edge Connect. We are excited to help you get connected to the edge!


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