How Edge Computing Can Enhance an Enterprise CBRS Network

Private Networks through CBRS have become the next big thing. In fact, it will become commonplace for every business across the United States.

Private Networks through CBRS have become the next big thing. In fact, it will become commonplace for every business across the United States. While CBRS addresses access issues, you will miss solving two key issues – high performance and bulletproof security. How do you solve that? Edge Computing. This blog will answer the following questions:

  • What is Edge Computing?
  • What is CBRS?
  • What do I look for in building an Edge Private Network?
  • Which company is suitable?

Let’s dive deeper.

Edge computing is a computing paradigm where compute and storage is done at or near the point of consumption. This way your device does not have to go through the many long routes it takes for a regular cloud connection. Utilizing edge computing means that the data is closer to you which enables high bandwidth and improves response times, not to mention it is much more secure than the cloud. These reasons make it beneficial for enterprises that use technology as a means to run their operations and to communicate with their employees. High-bandwidth and low-latency provide for faster connections and less lag time with a secure network making it easier for enterprises to run their businesses efficiently and effectively.

CBRS can be used for a private LTE network that can be broken down into three tiers: Incumbent Access, Priority Access Lane (PAL), and General Authorized Access (GAA). The Incumbent Access is used by the U.S. military. The Priority Access Lane grants access to organizations for a fee. The General Authorized Access is for general public use. Through your CBRS network, any person on any tier can utilize edge services to get an even faster and more secure experience. Edge computing works with many different types of devices, like autonomous cars, machine learning, artificial intelligence, and your smartphone. This benefits enterprises by having security on top of security, as well as lightning speeds when pairing the edge with their CBRS network.

When making the decision to go from your current infrastructure to the edge there are a few things to consider. Security is at the forefront. You want to make sure that you choose an edge provider who has established that their services will be highly secure. You need to ensure there is compatibility between your IaaS provider and your edge deployments so your enterprise connects seamlessly. Although much of the data processing will happen at the edge, consider if you need to carry out any analytics centrally. Once you are ready to set up your edge infrastructure, make sure to establish a team with edge-computing expertise to manage any IT issues that may arise or pick an edge service that has impeccable customer service.

Alef’s Private Edge Platform provides the Software-Defined Mobile Edge (SD-ME) platform. Alef provides a 5G edge experience today, creating low-latency applications with open programmable APIs and SDKs for enterprises. Enterprises are able to ease worries with lightning-fast speeds and roaming capabilities for employees who are working from home or at the office. EdgeNet includes built-in zero-trust security, providing your enterprise with a highly secure solution. Paired with a private network like CBRS, our Private Edge Platform creates an unbeatable connection allowing you to focus on the work needed to be done.

Establishing your own CBRS network while incorporating the edge will help your enterprise accomplish faster, reliable, and more secure internet connections throughout the workday and thereafter. With Alef’s zero-trust security, 5G edge services, and open programmable APIs, enterprises can connect their IoT devices in minutes, without the stress of security breaches or high-bandwidth issues. With new technology on the rise like autonomous cars, drones, and enterprises needing a reliable source for all their data, the edge is required for the next era of digital transformation.  


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