AlefEdge Launches EdgeNet – A Compute and Delivery Network based on its Software-Defined Mobile Edge Platform

First-of-its-kind Edge as a Service allows developers and systems integrators to unlock the value of the Open Edge with APIs that enable 5G Edge services for enterprises over existing networks

AlefEdge, the Edge Internet leader, today announced the launch of EdgeNet, a compute and delivery network which is based on its Software-Defined Mobile Edge (SD-ME) platform. Leading the innovation curve driving the Mobile Edge, AlefEdge is enabling enterprises to adopt the Open Edge across dozens of locations globally. This first-of-its-kind Edge as a Service is designed to enable systems integrators, developers and value-added resellers (VAR) to build 5G Edge applications and services over contemporary networks, and to enable enterprises to adopt them easily.

“Enterprises are accelerating their digital communications transformation strategies,” says AlefEdge Founder and CEO, Ganesh Sundaram. “The launch of EdgeNet enables the diverse community of mobile and internet innovators the ability to deliver Edge-enabled applications and 5G Edge services to global enterprises quickly—through automation and rapid deployment channels.”

“Our products are already available today for easy adoption by enterprises. By abstracting out the complexity of 5G for the enterprise, the ecosystem can easily build transformative Edge services through Open Edge APIs. Soon the developer ecosystem will be able to leverage the APIs to build even more disruptive products,” said Sundaram.

EdgeNet allows an enterprise to create its own 5G network and launch their own applications inside and outside of their campus. As a network of interconnected compute and delivery networks at the Edge, EdgeNet can provide both private-to-private and private-to-public mobility and roaming services. To accelerate digital transformation, application developers and network programmers can take advantage of Alef’s developer program and APIs. AlefEdge’s SD-ME platform enables 5G Edge immersive and intelligent applications to work over contemporary 4G LTE, CBRS and Wi-Fi networks. AlefEdge is scaling EdgeNet across thousands of locations, launching a VAR program and its simple-to-use EdgeNet Portal, where enterprises will gain access to Open Edge APIs and solutions. Enterprises can quickly connect to the Edge with easy to use automation tools. All together, AlefEdge’s Edge as a Service offerings make access and adoption of an Open Programmable Edge and 5G Edge services effortless for enterprises.

“AlefEdge’s SD-ME platform offers high-speed connectivity at the Edge to application developers and enterprises,” says Rohan Joy Thomas, Industry Analyst, Frost & Sullivan. “As it is vendor-neutral, AlefEdge’s end-users can use the platform to seamlessly orchestrate applications, devices, and network services, which would enable efficient network connectivity and higher utilization.”

AlefEdge is hosting a live-streamed virtual event covering the latest Edge Internet innovation today, Thursday, October 29th at 11 am ET. To learn more about the event or to register visit


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