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Private Mobile Network Starter Kit

Launch your own private LTE network at a fraction of the cost of mobile operators, and on-prem providers. Make orchestration simple.

Easily deploy, manage, and scale a private mobile network.

Why do you need a Private Mobile Network?

Wireless solutions that come from the IT world, such as Wi-Fi, works great for email and browsing but are limited in reliability, security, predictability, capacity, and mobility. Also, Wi-Fi networks are prone to interference, have no support for mobility, unable to ensure Quality-of-Service (QoS), cannot support high-bandwidth video, and lacks support for the low power requirements of sensors and other IoT devices.

What can you get from a Private Mobile Network?

Our flexible and scalable APIs have abstracted the complexities of network management giving enterprises the freedom to easily create, customize, and control their mobile connectivity for Industry 4.0 applications. Reduce your CAPEX and OPEX by deploying mobile network as a service at the edge to create a robust Private LTE network that is easy to launch and simple to operate without on-site mobile network installation.

Remove network complexities and build enterprise grade 5G edge mobile applications.

Alef provides an Edge API Platform that enables mobile connectivity for enterprises to customize and control their business applications, at the edge


Enterprise mobility is foundational
to edge compute