Get mobile connectivity using edge as a service for your enterprise.

At Alef, we lower the threshold for the economic decision to implement mobility in your enterprise.

How to get started:

Step 1:


Order your service below

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Step 2:

Get your Network Provisioning details

Install radios as simple as Wi-Fi

Download eSIMs

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Step 3:

Enable and disable your eSIMs by ICCID or IMSI or MSISDN

Manage your account

Create or update new locations

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Enjoy the benefits of a high-performance, reliable private mobile network

Generate reports based on variables that matter to your business


What can our partners do for you?

RF Planning and Certified Professional Installation (CPI)

If you need help with radio frequency, network planning and Certified Professional Installation of CBRS radios, our partners are glad to help in the creation of your network. By filling out the order form, our partners will be ready to help.

Design and Implement Private 5G Networks

Private 5G Service Implementation Design, Deploy, manage, and scale your private 5G network. By combining Alef with Winncom’s extensive design, deployment, and consulting expertise, we can help you meet your digital transformation goals now.


Private 5G Radios

Baicells plug-and-play product design and low-cost of entry have allowed for the deployment of private networks across the world. Baicell’s innovative solutions are globally deployed for applications in M2M, IoT, transportation, emergency services, rural connectivity, and deep indoor coverage. Combining the ease and power of  Alef connectivity with Baicells hardware is a no-brainer. 

How it works

Alef has partnered with Winncom to help you manage launching your private network, making it easy to create, customize, and control your own private mobile network, with the required radio provided by Baicells.


Alef Private Mobile Network

Create, customize and control your own private mobile network.




Order your service based on your enterprise location requirements.


Wireless Tower


Get your network provisioning details and Winncom will help install your radios, just as simple as Wi-Fi.



Add additional users or locations to scale to your business needs.



Access to manage all of your SIMs; enable and disable your by ICCID or IMSI or MSISDN, and create or update any new locations.



Download your eSIMs and provide site coordinates

  • $899 monthly bundle includes 500 Mbps
  • Free Baicells Radio
  • Includes up to 50 SIMs (eSIM or Physical)