Near-Prem with Alef versus On-Prem with Mobile Network Operators (MNO)

The time for digital transformation or enterprises is now – build and own your network

and host mobile applications with next generation technology.

On-Prem takes up space & multiplies costs

Moving the network to a “near-edge” position with a neutral host allows enterprises to deploy mobile networks as a service inside the existing enterprise infrastructure. No more on-prem management of space, power, operations, and maintenance of equipment & software on site. Remove the extra racks, power, and air conditioning while saving time & money.

With near-prem, you get:

Trusted Security

Carrier grade security with less manpower & cost, inside your firewall


Better than cloud because data is kept local & secure

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Lower connectivity costs with no transport to cloud


The flexibility & scalability needed to future proof your IT

Alef has aggregated the mobile network complexity through APIs, enabling enterprises to launch a private mobile network in under an hour. Upgrade to your next generation network with Alef.

It’s time to future-proof your network.
Give your enterprise all of the benefits of owning your own private network with none of the headache.