Specific Absorption Rate – SAR values are an important tool in judging the maximum possible exposure to radiation from a wireless device.


Subscriber Alerting Signal – An automated frequency coordinator that manages spectrum sharing on a dynamic, as-needed basis across the different tiers of users that use the CBRS spectrum.


Spectrum Access System – Manages and assignes CBRS spectrum use on a dynamic, as-needed basis across three tiers of access: 1) Tier-1 – Incumbent, 2) Tier 2 – Priority Access License (PAL) and 3) Tier 3 – General Authorized Access (GAA).


Software Defined Mobile Edge – Mobile edge service that is controlled and defined by software.


Software Defined Automatic Direction Finder – How signals can go from wherever to wherever else – it automatically figures out its path. ADF (Automatic Direction Finder) is the radio signals in the low to medium frequency band of 190 Khz. to 1750 Khz. It was widely used today. It has the major advantage over VOR […]


Software Defined Networking – Using software-based controllers or APIs to communicate with a networks’ hardware and direct network traffic. Using software to control hardware.