5G Edge Network

Edge locations are full deployments of advanced infrastructure next to Internet Exchange Points (IXP)


Access Point / Mobile Access Point A mobile Access Point (AP) is a wireless device creates a wireless network to which wireless devices can connect, to send and receive data. The AP is the physical wireless router or hardware device that broadcasts network packets to wireless devices, and listens for network packets/beacons from mobile devices/WiFi […]

Bare Metal

Server hardware that does not have a base operating system installed. A computer’s hardware assembly, structure, and components that is installed with either the firmware or basic input/output system (BIOS) software utility or no software at all.


Content Delivery Network – Network of geographical distributed group of servers that facilitates high-speed delivery of internet content by caching content in the cloud.


Commercial Off The Shelf – Ready-to-use or prebuilt (software application)


Customer Premises Equipment – Local equipment that allows a network service subscriber to connect to the network of the network service provider.