A Private Mobile Network

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IT and IOT Mobility

To enterprises with large campuses or problems with Wi-Fi interference, a private mobile network is the answer. Unlicensed spectrum based systems like Wi-Fi no longer meet the needs of the modern enterprise. Private networks use individually assigned managed spectrum (CBRS in the US) , so you will never have interference with other networks, and your handoffs between different access points are handled more efficiently. The coverage area can be large enough to span an entire enterprise facility or campus without RF wrapping headaches, so your enterprise IT equipment gets better coverage no matter where you need to get work done.

It’s cost effective and quick to deploy

Legacy network providers such as the big mobile carriers are notoriously
expensive and slow to deploy, creating complicated solutions that require specialized knowledge and training. Alef’s first ever Private Mobile Network as a Service product removes these barriers. We abstract the complexities normally required for these kinds of networks allowing you to provision your private network faster — easier than setting up Wi-Fi, with more coverage. Our Private Mobile Network model removes the giant CapEx and immense amount of real estate involved in deploying the hardware for an on-prem private infrastructure, and because the as a Service model usually falls under OpEx budget lines, you can have your network and keep Finance happy.

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Unprecedented control of your network

With a private LTE network you can introduce policies that are as specific as necessary — even control access on a user equipment level basis. Set up the access that suits your enterprise and applications, & orchestrate your permissioning to give business critical apps preferential treatment. A private mobile network fits into existing IT systems, delivering the traffic into your enterprise network according to your current policies.

Lower latency equals higher performance

Your applications need lightning-fast performance to meet your business goals. Near-prem mobile networks provide a real-time multimedia solution by giving you 50ms or better on demand. The spectral efficiency of a private mobile network is over 2 times that of WiFi and can handle exponentially more data and UE devices without increasing network latency.

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Increased security for the enterprise

With a near-prem private mobile network, the technology that makes everything work is contained entirely behind your current firewall. Your data never touches public infrastructures. Each user device is connected to your network via SIM cards — radio tuners that allow the devices to connect only to the allocated spectrum of your private mobile network. This supports end-to-end encryption by isolating and segmenting traffic to different network segments. Simply integrate mobile network security with your existing enterprise networks quickly and easily.

It’s time to future-proof your network.
Give your enterprise all of the benefits of owning your own private network with none of the headache.