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Alef & Portfolio Overview


AlefEdge, founded in 2013, is an Edge Internet Company. We create a new generation of edge enhanced and edge native applications and provide a full suite of products and services leveraging our three core areas: Edge Gateway, Edge Cloud and Edge Applications.

Portfolio Overview

Alef’s software stack is integrated to provide a seamless experience for users of the Edge Internet: 1) Alef’s Edge Gateway is the basic building block on which its 2) Edge Cloud platform can offer a universe of API’s which can be assembled into 3) Edge Applications that require ultra-low latency, proximity-based computing and/or mobility.

Edge Gateway

A mobile edge computing platform offering edge connectivity, ultra-low latency and proximate computing power – brings application / computing power that is in the cloud or on premise to the radio edge.

Edge Applications

AlefEdge offers a complete portfolio of innovative mobile edge applications for the mobile operators and over-the-top (OTT) service providers. The edge applications come in two forms – edge native and edge enhanced. The vertical-specific products lines where our focus is on are: Edge Click, Edge Tube, Edge X, Edge Force and Smart Venues.

Edge Cloud

APIs and micro clouds supporting the creation of a new generation of 1) edge enhanced (existing applications) that can be done better or faster from the edge, such as video streaming, and 2) edge native applications - applications that could not exist without the edge, such as driverless cars.

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