It’s Time to Cut the Cord and Launch Your Own Private Mobile Network

5G networks have become synonymous with the large wireless carriers. But, as CEO Mike Mulica shares in this byline: it's private mobile networks that will drive the future of the mobile economy.

5G networks have become synonymous with the large wireless carriers. We’ve been inundated with advertising related to 5G being faster than ever from the likes of Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile, but in truth 5G has not penetrated the marketplace because of the hefty costs and time it takes to deploy.

Enterprises across the globe are currently experiencing massive technological advancements on all fronts, but the inclusion of mobility as an enterprise platform is still marred by the complexity of the mobile network operators (MNO) operating model. Despite what you might see advertised, the real 5G disruption will come via an enterprise centric mobility operating model where enterprises own their own private mobile network – enabling their ecosystem to innovate at the speed of their business.

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