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We offer a complete portfolio of innovative edge applications. The edge applications come in two forms – edge native: applications that require the edge, and edge enhanced: applications that benefit from being at the edge. Each solution set comes with a portfolio of APIs that enable third party developers to apply their domain expertise. The vertical-specific products lines where our focus is on are: Edge Click, Edge Tube, Edge Play, Edge Boost, Edge Force and Smart Venues. Click on any item below or scroll to learn more about each!

Break the chain of digital advertising with Edge Click. Deliver immersive and interactive advertisements without compromising on performance – directly to users.

The streaming industry has been disrupted. Leverage the disruption and ride the wave of mobile. Provide users with ultra-HD streaming, instantaneous channel switching and other immersive features. We focus on the technology side, so you can focus on the content.

Allow players the same quality of game on mobile that the experience on consoles and desktops. Create the “Netflix of Gaming”.

Video consumption is exploding as nearly 60% of consumers are watching mobile videos that are less than a minute long every day.  Provide your customers with enhanced and premium video services!

Enable your workforce to work smarter, not harder. Turn text reliant communications into video communications. Send out video training manuals, corporate updates augmented reality tutorials – all for a smarter workforce.

Turn your venue – stadiums, concert halls, campuses, office, building, festival, park, city, etc. into a smart venue with applications staying locally allowing for new applications to be built.

Edge Click

Break the chain of digital advertising with Edge Click. Between the large publishers and digital giants, advertisers do not stand a chance to gain true value from digital advertisement. 53% of all impressions go unnoticed due to a lack of real time targeting and low-quality advertisements. By leveraging the Edge Internet, advertisers can open up their true creativity.

With Edge Click, brands and advertisers have a platform to buy and sell immersive impressions in mere milliseconds. Expand on Real-Time Bidding, advertisers and publishers have an even quicker and a more transparent bidding process than before. On the edge, you can use big data to target the right users, at the right time and at the right place to deliver a unique advertisement to them – without compromising on performance.

Edge Tube

The streaming market has been disrupted over the past decade. There may be a few video champions, but the entire world of content has evolved to video. In fact, 70% of YouTube’s Views are on mobile! Short form and live form content are kings of mobile – no one is watching an hour long video on their phones, but rather quick, digestible videos while in transit or waiting around.

Edge Tube brings the technology know how to your content know how. Edge Tube is an application micro-backend that sits at the edge of the network allowing for a whole range of immersive features from instantaneous channel switching to ultra-HD video. On top of that, Edge Tube gives content creators the technology backend to innovate! Content owners can create new product offerings for mobile without compromising on performance!

Edge Play

Gaming has become a quintessential part of today’s society. From puzzle and strategy games, to the games of Madden and Fortnite – gaming is ingrained into society. The difference between console and desktop gaming to mobile gaming is a stark difference. The controls never feel right, the graphics are not as great and playing the game drains your battery. Today the consumer has to choose between mobility or quality – play anywhere or have a high-quality game.

Edge Play matches mobility with performance for games. The Edge Internet enables a platform for gaming providers to host their games where quality will not be lost on mobile. Edge Play is a platform where multiple games can be hosted and played – just like Netflix (except games, not videos)! Create real Cloud Gaming – at the edge.

Edge Boost

Everything is going mobile. Everything is going video. Video consumption is exploding as nearly 60% of consumers are watching mobile videos that are less than a minute long every day. Consumers have an ever-expanding appetite for rich media experiences like video-on-demand, live video, augmented and virtual reality, etc. – at what point will the network not be able to hand all the rich media consumers want? How will this scale?

With Edge Boost, you can reduce latency by 20-30ms and improve your video services by keeping the video at the edge of the network. 20ms may not sound like it makes a world of difference to the end user, but it can increase video resolution by 27%, increase data throughput by 62%, improve the quality of experience, smoothen the effect of network variance and increase network throughput and efficiency by 48%! Welcome to Edge Boost. Welcome to the Edge Internet.

Edge Force

Enable your salesforce on the go. Enable them to learn. With Edge Force you can leverage video in your day to day employee lives. Edge Force puts your employees first allowing them to better themselves through corporate training and further learning on their own time. Outside of that, you can elevate your workforce productivity to a new level. For instance, a field salesperson can use a mobile app to download a product video catalog for a retail customer, field technicians can share job specific videos to the subject matter expert, so they can receive instant feedback to complete a service order.

Edge Force is more than corporate communication, but a way to elevate your communications to be a thoughtful, contextual and relevant two-way tool you can use in your day to day lives.

Smart Venues

Improve both the attendee experience and the efficiency of your venue by working smarter not harder. Create a digital experience fans will never forget. Leveraging the Edge Internet will give new offerings to guests while improving how your venue runs.

Augmented reality in branding and advertisement gives the attendee a new and exciting experience while driving your advertisement profits. Offer live betting and customizable ultraHD streaming as additional services making you stand out from other venues. All while providing the ecosystem with a malleable base in which 3rd parties can customize and enhance their applications. Ultimately, leaving your venue a head and shoulders above competition.

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