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AlefEdge offers a complete portfolio of innovative mobile edge applications for the mobile operators and over-the-top (OTT) service providers. The edge applications come in two forms – edge native: applications that require the edge, and edge enhanced: applications that benefit from being at the edge. Each solution set comes with a rich portfolio of APIs that enable third party developers to apply their specific domain expertise. The vertical-specific products lines where our focus is on are: Edge Click, Edge Tube, Edge X, Edge Force and Smart Venues. 

Edge Interconnect


Alef’s Mobile Edge Interconnect solution is a software-defined “overlay” network that provides seamless connectivity to applications hosted at the RAN (Radio Access Network) or co-located in an edge data center. This solution creates opportunities for all edge ecosystem players: Tower Edge, Data Centers, Cloud/OTT providers and Mobile Operators.

Key Features

  • Edge application hosting / co-location
  • Traffic offloading of Cloud Services
  • Flexible deployments on Cloud Platforms
  • Real-time online charging and policy
  • Edge Intelligence, e.g. user information, location, radio network information, and more
  • Standards 3GPP/MEC ETSI compliance

Key Benefits:

  • Differentiate portfolios of value-added services and increase revenues
  • Create new applications that require low-latency, proximity-based compute power and high bandwidth
  • Quickly move applications to the mobile edge
  • Extend business models with existing assets

To learn more, download our Mobile Edge Interconnect Product Brochure.

Edge Interconnect Brochure


Pull Advertisements

Brands and advertisers can leverage In-App advertisements with a new Ad unit that is ultra-high-definition, ultra-low latency with hyper-local edge intelligence. Our Adtech service incorporates predictive and interest-based targeting to improve ad performance and enable programmatic real-time bidding of Ad inventories at the mobile edge. Alef can deliver rich media such as: high quality augmented reality (AR) and 360-degree video ads which result in accelerated app downloads and conversions.

Push Advertisement

Alef’s Connext™ rich media promotion service, ushers in the next generation of user centric mobile edge computing advertising.

Key Advantages

  • Mobile Operators, as publishers, achieves significant value enhancement to their existing messaging services by increasing mobile advertising revenue and market differentiation.
  • Marketers/Advertisers increase their ad campaign performance and improve ROI via edge intelligence which provides – precision targeting, customer insights, engagements and conversions.
  • Cross platform HD video delivery for multiple devices.

To learn more, download our Alef Connext Product Brochure.

Alef Connext Brochure

Enterprise Services

Enterprise Mobility

Alef’s rich media enterprise mobility service augments existing enterprise video-on-demand services for corporate communication, employee training, and collaboration. It utilizes Alef’s mobile edge computing platform at the mobile edge to deliver contextual, relevant, high quality video streaming experience over 3G/4G broadband network.

Enterprise Field Services

Alef’s rich media field services focuses on improving the productivity of a mobile work force. By using our mobile edge computing platform, we deliver a high-quality user experience. For instance, a field salesperson can use a mobile app to download a product video catalog for a retail customer, field technicians can share job specific videos to the subject matter expert, so they can receive instant feedback to complete a service order. The Alef platform can power the following field services:

  • Sales order management

  • Field maintenance

  • In-store product placements

Media & Entertainment

Alef has demonstrated M&E applications with a major global carrier. These initiatives are being productized in partnership with leading M&E corporations.

Edge Gaming

Alef is demonstrating the benefits of edge gaming – streaming and rendering directly to any smartphone from the nearest edge. One ability is creating new gaming applications with ultra-low latency. New and previous games can benefit from the edge through taking the rendering and streaming off the device to the nearest edge to provide HD quality games to any smartphone device.

Edge Gaming Feb. ’19


A feature of all Alef solutions is the ability to efficiently introduce services that have their own unique rating plans. Whether the service calls for zero-rating, partial-rating or other scheme, the Alef solution is ready, today, to support unique subscription requirements.

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Dr Ganesh Sundaram wins Biggest Individual Contribution to Edge Computing Development

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