About Mobile Edge Computing

Standard MEC capabilities that Alef supports …


Intelligent services are based on a variety of API’s that are collected at the Radio Edge by the Alef Platform. The 3A’s of Alef are: Architecture, API’s, and Algorithms. As an example, Mobility API’s are broadly classified into 3 buckets: Service API’s, Optimization API’s, and Information API’s. The 3A’s amplify existing assets along the value-chain.


Alef’s platform characterized by ultra-low latency and ultra-high definition services is key to the enablement of immersive applications. Today, Mobile Networks are not ready for these advanced services.


The interaction of content, applications and networks creates experiences that are interactive and individualistic. Enhanced Interaction can be applied across all markets, such as: Social Media, Media & Entertainment, Advertising, Mar-Tech and eCommerce.

Proximity Based

Proximity based services augment and enhance location-based solutions utilizing the strengths of Mobile Edge Computing. An example is the optimization of communication between users in the same cell site location.

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Dr Ganesh Sundaram wins Biggest Individual Contribution to Edge Computing Development

This award recognizes the Edge Computing Ambassadors, those individuals who are instrumental in driving edge computing development and who have been particularly active over the last 12 months in ensuring the continued progression of edge computing research, development and trials.